Open Zerodha Demat

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Zerodha to provide you seamless Experience on trading and investing.Open Zerodha Demat Account is best discount brokerage with zero brokerage on delivery buying/Mutual funds and flat 20 rs (or .01% which is lower) on all other trades.You will be able to save huge money that you are paying to other brokerages.

Click To Open Zerodha Account – Brokerages, Benefits and Services Review

When you open account through us , We will provide premium trainings and Investment tools worth over 10000 free.You also get FREE BUY SELL CALLS on Telegram as long as you trade ,Including 6 months free access to intraday stock selection screener(if you keep using your account), complete guide on using PI desktop platform , Mobile platform and Web Platform. Enter details below to get a phone call from Zerodha and open account. On clicking submit , you should get message that “successfully registered” . If you are getting “mobile number already registered” , you have to give a different mobile number

Please click here  to open Zerodha account through us .Once account is opened successfully , you will be able to avail many benefits and kickstart your investment journey. Click link above and enter your details and proceed for account opening .

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Charges : 300 Rs Opening fee.
Full video on steps to open zerodha demat account in 10 minutes below

For any queries , email us at info@jas.local