Learn stock Market – Fundamental Analysis Course

Learn Fundamental Analysis: Introduction to Stock Markets

Fundamental analysis is a method used to determine the value of a stock by analyzing the financial data that is fundamental to the company. Fundamental analysis is a stock valuation method that uses financial and economic analysis to predict the movement of stock prices.

The fundamental report typically focuses on vital statistics in a company’s financial statements to determine if the stock price is correctly valued.

This Fundamental analysis Training Program for Stock market beginners is designed to help students gain deep insight into Indian equity markets and various asset classes. This training program is aimed at people who are new to markets and want to learn all things about markets and take their investments to the next level.

Become an expert in Analyzing Stocks, finding the right stocks to buy, reading a Balance sheet and financial statements. Understand different sectors and choose right Entry and Exit points along with finding Multibagger stocks

Course Details – Pre-recorded videos only

We offer pre-recorded videos that cover details about Stock markets and Fundamental Analysis.

IntroductionMacroeconomics and Microeconomics – GDP, CPI, WPI, IIP, etc
Overview - Stock and Stock Markets, IPOs

What is stock and stock market.
Who are market participants
Trade life cycle, stock exchanges, trade settlement, netting, custodians, Depositories, etc.
What is IPO(Initial Public Offer), FPO, Primary markets, Secondary Market, Book building, Asba, etc
Investing vs Trading
Derivatives, Stock Valuation and Portfolio Creation

Different asset classes – Equity/Debt/Derivatives
Introduction to derivatives: Basics of Stock Futures / Index Futures and Options
Stock Valuation – Book Value, PE ratio, Growth factor, Sector analysis with 
Portfolio building – Diversification, Asset allocation methods.
What and How to Buy ?Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETF, ELSS – benefits, and drawbacks of each asset class
Fundamental Analysis - How to select Stock and SIPs

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis – Introduction
Introduction to Fundamental Analysis – PE, EPS, Growth, ROCE, ROIC, Promoter Holding
Top-down and Bottom-up approach to select stocks.
SIP – How to effectively create a winning portfolio
Fundamental Analysis - Evaluate balance Sheet and Profit Loss Statements

How to analyze balance sheets and understand red flags!
Profit and loss statements analysis, topline, bottom line, Expense classes.
How to create a balanced portfolio and select stocks to invest for the long term.
Corporate TermsStock Split, Bonus Issue, Right Issue, QIP, QIB, Funds raising equity/debt, dilution, Dividends, Buyback.
Risk ManagemnetMoney Management and risk management with portfolio hedging.

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Fundamental Analysis Course Benefits

  • 13 Pre-recorded videos to explain the Fundamental analysis
  • Classes are for 60-90  minutes each.
  • Dedicated Email support to help you with queries and access to our VIP Telegram Channel
  • Course Language – Hindi
  • Recording validity for 1 year
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