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In this article , lets take a look at the best stock screener available in India for Intraday traders and swing traders. We will will see how to use for selecting stocks for intraday trading and also do next day analysis using intraday screener.

Why do we need a stock screener

Needless to say , with over 1500+ stocks available in listed universe , its not possible for traders to track all the stocks for intraday trading and swing trading. So we need some good NSE stock screener to track top gainers , top losers etc

One of the most logical subset to trade in Intraday and swing trading is futures and options segment. With almost 140 stocks ,mostly from top 200 NSE companies , Trading remains relatively safer , with lot of liquidity. Add to that , we can use open interest of futures and options to track the expected direction of markets as well. Intraday screener helps to achieve this easily by giving us a convenient way to track these stocks for intraday trading.

zerodha features offers many features on its website. You can track all the market activity happening in NSE instantly in real time as well as select intraday stocks. This includes.

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1> Top gainers and losers
2> Open interest gainers and losers – Long buidup , short buildup , long unwinding and short covering
3>Volume gainers and losers
4>Advances and declines
5>FII DII data
6> Intraday stocks gainers and losers
7> Stocks breaking out of 10day , 30 day , 90 day and 52 week ranges
8> NR4 / NR7 screener
9> Open high low scanner
10> Nifty expected range and levels for option selling
11> Option chain interpretation
12> Option strategy builder
13>ADX RSI MACD BOLLINGER and other technical scans
14>Relative strength scans , Relative outperformance scans
15> Next day watchlist with levels
16> Support and resistance levels of all stocks

Many more features are continuously added to making it a great tool to select stocks for trading.

How to select stocks for intraday trading using

Intraday screener provides many scans which are specifically helpful in selection stocks for intraday trading.Few of the scans specifically designed for intraday traders are

1> Range breakout Scanner

Range breakout scanner helps to filter stocks which are breaking out from 5 day , 10 day , 30 day , 90 day or 52 week range. Such stocks usually show very good move in intraday and should be tracked for intraday stocks

2> Real time alerts

Real time alerts gives stocks that are crossing important moving averages like 200 DMA in real time. It also givers alerts for stocks where volume breakout happens as well

3> Trend scanner

Trend scanner helps to select stocks which are trending in market on various time frames. 5 minutes , 15 minute and 1 day time frame is available for trend scanner.

4> NR4 NR7 scans

NR4 NR7 scanner helps to select stocks which are having nr4 or nr7 trading day and then are showing breakouts in real time

5> Price action scans

Price action scans is a very short term trading scans which selects stocks showing breakout in last 1-2 hours .

6> Open High Low scanner

Open high low scanner is used to filter stocks that are base on the open high low strategy. In this strategy, stocks where open=high for the day are shorted, and stocks where open=low for the day are bought.

Upstox pricing

Most of the scans on is free. You can create a free account to use it. However some features are paid as well where “Pro” badge is mentioned

Intraday screener currently has a monthly plan and a six month plan offering. Monthly plan comes around 699rs and six monthly plan comes at great discount of 2999 rs instead of 4200 rs.

For full details , you can visit here and create free account

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